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Heavy Duty Water Heaters

heavy duty electric

Heavy Duty Electric

Suitable for both indoor and/or outdoor installations - the Rheem Heavy Duty electric range has been designed to be used whenever a large quantity of hot water is required. Rheem Equa-Flow. An Equa-Flow manifold system allows you to make multiple installations of up to eight Rheem water heaters on a single manifold. It's a modular system which lets you operate those eight heaters as though they were one.


The cylinder is made from a special grade of steel, protected by two coats of a vitreous enamel, a larger, thicker anode and CFC free polyurethane foam insulation ensuring - heat losses are kept to a minimum. For high temperature applications such as sanitising, the Rheem Heavy Duty models have thermostats adjustable to 82°C.

commercial storage gas

Commercial Storage Gas

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas water heaters have been designed to be used whenever large quantities of hot water are required. The cylinder is protected by multiple anodes and a double layer of vitreous enamel provides long life protection. So, if you require a water heater which is flexible, efficient and economical to run, the Rheem Heavy Duty model is for you.