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L B White proudly stands as Wellington’s Rheem Service Centre, offering expert hot water solutions backed by Rheem New Zealand’s extensive experience dating back to 1986. As part of a respected global brand family, Rheem New Zealand boasts a dedicated local Research and Development team focused on advancing water heating technology for the benefit of future generations. Whether you seek repairs, maintenance, or a hot water system upgrade, contact your Wellington Rheem Service Centre today at 04 587 1023 to access our specialised knowledge and support.
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Our Favourite Rheem Products

Ambiheat Heat Pump
Mains Pressure
Low Pressure Copper
Indoor Gas Storage
Stellar Outdoor Gas Storage
Lazer® Eco
Under Bench Filtered Chilled and Boiling Water
Commercial Heat Pump
Heavy Duty Gas Storage
Heavy Duty Electric Storage
Raypak Hot Water
Raypak Pool & Spa

Why Rheem

Abundant Hot Water

Rheem’s superior hot water heating solutions ensure optimal water temperature delivery for longer durations. From Mains Pressure Electric to Optima, Mains Pressure Gas, and Stellar models, achieve a remarkable hot water flow rate of 40 litres per minute. Experience virtually endless hot water with Rheem Continuous Flow gas water heaters.

High Efficiency

Embrace Rheem’s diverse range of highly efficient water heating options. Utilize Rheem Solar’s cutting-edge collectors and technology for residential and commercial applications. The Rheem Heat Pump offers exceptional energy efficiency, rivaling solar heaters without collectors. Leveraging advanced technology, the Stellar gas option enhances energy efficiency by recycling and condensing flue gases. Rheem’s Mains Pressure Electric exceeds MEPS energy performance standards, embodying efficient water heating.

Low Running Costs

Benefit from Rheem’s revolutionary developments that unite cost-effectiveness and environmental considerations. High efficiency equates to lower running costs. With options like Rheem Premier Solar, reducing water heating bills by 70%, and insulated products maintaining optimum water temperature for energy savings, Rheem prioritizes both economy and ecology.

Built to Last

Rheem’s enduring reliability is evident through its widespread adoption in Kiwi homes and businesses, producing 1.2 million hot water cylinders in New Zealand. Rheem’s vitreous enamel lined cylinders exhibit strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion in diverse water conditions, bolstered by robust warranties attesting to Rheem’s product quality.

Excellent Backup Service

Count on Rheem’s commitment to dependable after-sales support through its national network of professionals. The Rheem After Sales Network ensures prompt technical guidance and service, backed by LB. White’s adherence to Rheem’s high standards for after-sales care and service in the Wellington region.

Tailored Solutions

Whatever your water heating requirements, Rheem offers practical, top-tier performance across Gas, Electric, Solar, and Heat Pump systems. Explore a comprehensive range of residential and commercial water heating options.

Long Life Warranties

Rheem stands behind its products with extended warranties, reflecting confidence in their longevity and quality.

Find Your Solution With Rheem’s Product Selector

Rheem has developed a quick and easy-to-use system identifier that can help you decide what product would best suit your home. In conjunction with this, our plumbers can provide you with specific advice about how to best solve your plumbing needs.
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Buy Your Rheem Products Through L B White

Elevate your plumbing experience with L B White – your premium source for Rheem products in Wellington. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every service we provide. As authorised purveyors of Rheem products, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection that brings innovation, durability, and efficiency to your plumbing solutions.n Discover peace of mind with Rheem products installed and maintained by L B White. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or learn more about how these superior products can transform your plumbing efficiency.

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