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March 26, 2024

Backflow Prevention - Explained Simply

In this article we try to explain thecomplicated business of backflow prevention in the most simple terms we can.The term explain like I am 5 is a popular mechanism for simplifying complicatedtopics.

Keeping Our Water Clean: L B White'sImportant Job

Introduction: In Wellington, L B White is likea superhero for our water. They're experts in stopping bad things from gettinginto our water, and this story is all about what they do to keep our waterclean and safe.

Understanding Backflow and Why We Needto Stop It: Backflow is when yucky stuff goes backward into our water. It'snot good because it can make our water dirty and not safe to drink. L B Whitehelps us by using special device called backflow preventers. In New Zealand, weall have to use them to keep our water healthy and safe for everyone.

Why Backflow Prevention Is SuperImportant: If we don't have these special devices, the water pressure canmake the yucky stuff go backward. This isn't just a problem for one house orbusiness—it could even mess up the whole town's water! So, using backflowpreventers is like having a shield to protect our water and everyone who usesit.

Making Sure Everything Stays Safe: L B White does a check-up onthese shields every year. They send a letter to remind us when it's time forthe check-up, like a friendly note saying, "Hey, let's make sureeverything's good!" This check-up is super important to keep our watershields working well and our water super clean.

Different Water Challenges and How L BWhite Helps: There are two main water challenges, like in a story. One is whenthe water pressure gets weak, and the other is when it gets too strong.

  1. Weak Water Pressure: When water pressure gets     weak, it can pull bad stuff into the water. L B White uses cool devices     like vacuum breakers to stop this from happening.
  2. Strong Water Pressure: Sometimes, when the     water pressure is too strong, it can push bad stuff into the water. L B     White uses other cool devices like double-check valve assemblies to stop     this problem.

L B White's Water Heroes: L B White does more than justcheck our water shields. They help with everything—testing, fixing, and makingsure everything is okay. They even look at the whole water system to see ifanything could be a problem. It's like they're the heroes for our water, makingsure it's always clean and safe.

Ending the Story: So, in the big story ofWellington's water, L B White isn't just a company—they're like the superheroesmaking sure our water stays clean and safe for everyone. With their special devicesand yearly check-ups, they're our water's best friends, making sure we canalways enjoy a glass of clean water without any worries.

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